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Hotel State College

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The famous Hotel State College, visibly placed at the intersection of College Avenue and Allen Street across from the Allen St. Gates, has welcomed new visitors to State College for over 100 years. Its prominent location downtown made it a first stop for all who came to Happy Valley long before it earned that name. The hotel was built in its early rudimentary form in 1857 by Bernard McClain, and in the 1860s rooms began to be rented out, although the hotel wasn’t officially established as “The Agricultural College Hotel” until 1864. Many firsts for State College took place in this building, including the then-“village’s” first telephone and first telegraph, which were installed in 1885. In 1906, the establishment was renamed The Nittany Inn, and two more stories were added, turning it into the four-story brick building we know today. The well-loved Corner Room restaurant joined the building in 1926 when new owners took over the hotel, and the term “The Corner” was first used to describe the location around that same time.

“Old world charm at its finest. Very relaxing feel. This is definitely not a modern hotel but has an incredible welcome about it.”